Hello! Bonjour!

My name is Alan, I am Swiss and the creator of this blog. I live in Switzerland surrounded by mountains and lakes. I love history, photography, cooking spicy Asian dishes, hiking the Swiss mountains, and most importantly travelling to understand the world cultures.



Good question. Before starting this blog, I procrastinated for a long time. Indeed, why should I create a new travel blog in a time where you can find hundreds of blogs? What could I bring new or at least different? Will even people read it?

If you ask people to describe me in one word, they would likely tell you that I am curious. When I travel, I want to deeply understand the places that I visit and their inhabitants. My pleasure is not only to see nice things but to understand the cultures of countries in the broad sense: their history, traditions, architecture, the local cuisine and natural landscapes.

I do that by reading a lot about the country, talking to locals and planing well my trips. I believe that all these elements shaped the place and give a meaning to what you see besides the simple visual appeal.

This is why the mission of my blog is to share with you stories about cultural and heritage travelling that helps you better understand the places you visit.


I focus mainly on the following topics when writing stories. I believe this all contribute to shape a place and help understand it



Here are the key values that guide my writing about travel on this blog:


I only write about places that I visited and experiences that I lived with my wife. All the cities, hotels, restaurants and transportation that I recommend are based on personal experience and were entirely self-funded unless mentioned clearly in the text. I use manly my personal travel pictures to illustrate the stories, only using Stock photos occasionally if I missed a shot.


All the travels were done during my holidays out of a job in a “traditional” company. I did not stop everything to travel the world (not yet at least :-) and the duration of my trips range from a long week-end up to 3 weeks. Therefore, they are feasible for most people with regular jobs. Regarding the visuals and pictures, I took all of them with my camera and barely edit them. At best, I just enhance the colors with a simple click or re-frame them when needed. I also take pictures on the go and don’t plan the times of my visits to shoot the perfect sunset or sunrise. Therefore, the pictures that you see depict the places and weather conditions at “realistic” time.


Traveling is my “little luxury”. I am not a big spender but I can spend when it comes to traveling. By comfort, I mean that I enjoy staying in beautiful stylish hotels which have a personality, unique architecture or amazing location. For me, hotels are not just a place to sleep but a significant part of my trip and emotions. Hotels have an identity, a design, and contribute to a great vacation.


I have been lucky enough to travel since an early age. Therefore I could experience many destinations in the world, some several times. In the past few years, I have developed a passion for places that are not yet on tourist maps, are lesser known or super exotic. Places that aren’t well known but have amazing things to offer. I don’t like so much to use the word “off-the-beaten track” as it is over-used.

However there are countries and cities that still host few tourists. I also visit popular places but I always try to pick a season with low tourism and explore lesser known areas where no or few tourists would go.

Finally, you will notice that I use a “we” tone of voice in the articles since I do all the travels with my wife. We share the same perspective on travelling and same interests. While I work hard on the blog, she is dedicated to grow her fashion shoe brand made in Italy. If you are curious about it, you can visit her brand online store.


I started this travel blog by writing stories about my personal travels that were planned and paid entirely by myself. In the future, I may (or not :-) be proposed to visit places and write sponsored posts. In this case, I will only accept the proposals in line with the topics of my blogs described above. In addition, I will ensure to clearly label if a post is sponsored.

All the pictures belong to me unless specified otherwise and can’t be used or reproduced on any other support without my consent.